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A reported assassination attempt at his up-scale hotel suite has left mayoral candidate Mel Glover in a critical but stable condition at McClane Memorial Hospital where he was rushed an undetermined time after the incident.

Two other persons were killed and a third seriously wounded in the events at the xxxx Casino and Resort, rumoured to be Secret Service agents assigned to his security after receiving several death threats, and the recent car-bombing of Sen. Bob Roper. Guests in the neighbouring suites claim to have heard none of the commotion apart from a loud pop they assumed to a champagne bottle – a not-unusual sound to be heard there.

Deputy Mayor Ronald Vizier released the following statement on behalf of City Hall, “An attempt on Glover is a blow to our community and democractic process,” Vizier exclaimed. “We explicitly condemn the incident and hope the police will solve the crime quickly.”

SAPD have launched an priority investigation, but are not yet commenting on the incident.

Glover has polarised the city with his platforms, igniting a class cold-war that may well be determined at the polls, as his lower and middle-class supporters rally behind his intended measures for political transparency amongst others. These latest developments may well severely delay or even halt his campaigning for the big job.


After the recent heavy rains in the San Angelisco area, residents in the outlying streets of Rockford bordering the industrial area were shocked to find a swathe of dead washed out from the decaying and previously-thought sealed subway system of old San Angelisco. Caked in thick brown mud and clay, 6 bodies were initially found before investigators delved into the tunnels and discovered a further 8 victims.

Thought to be members of San Angelisco’s largely untracked homeless population, several had signs of decay, indicating that these unfortunate citizens may have been trapped by the unexpected heavy rainfall currently affecting San Angelisco’s normally beautiful weather.


Article 5

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