'80s Cop

Episode 4 Act 2

Murder on the Dance Floor

As Africa struts across the dance floor, Books and Arkady duke it out with the army, all in an attempt to save a diplomat from an assassin’s bullet. However can even the SCU navigate the chaos of the St. Micheal’s day parade to catch their man? By land or by sea nothing can stand in the way of JUSTICE …on this weeks episode Murder on the Dance Floor.


One of the craziest chases sequences I will ever run (and in many ways too much – but still fun). It started at a first floor hotel room with the PC’s on foot vs a sail boat. By the end of it, the chase had involved the following; jumping across a crowded harbor of boats, a parade, horse riding, a Shriner car, jumping off a bridge, fist fights, shooting out a window, jumping into a pool, sliding down a banister rail, commandeering a speed boat, and jumping onto a moving sailboat (as well as the usual gun play). Really was inspired by Liam’s brilliant ab lib chase, last episode.

I would also like to apologize to Crowtribe and Shaun for not including their characters in the summary. I had a hard time fitting the cool things you did into the narrative structure of the episode summary. Will try and rectify this next episode. Sorry.

Episode 4 Act 2

But for this episode; For Shaun, the “Little Engine That Could” award for managing to complete the chase on foot. As his character is based on Frasier Crane I really just imagine him running along at a constant pace like he is running a marathon.

For Crowtribe, the “Judge Roy Bean Harsh Justice” award for his moral relativism in debating whether to save a gangbanger from drowning after he kicked him into the drink. Between that and the frequent pistol whippings he is a very scary cop.
Episode 4 Act 2

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