'80s Cop

Episode 2 Act 2

On the Ropes

Finally putting pressure on the Senators assassin, JB , Arkady and Whyte follow the trail of corruption to an illegal drug lab. Will the SCU be able to take down the drug crazed, machine gun toting bikers….. or will the fiery confrontation leave them…On the Ropes.


The squad tracks down the details of the suspicious limousine and lease-holders of the property the boxing match is held at, uncovering Senegro holdings, a shell company with tentative links to SA’s mafia and The Lost MC.

The mafia hitter with the missing arm spills his guys and explains the setup:

Senator Bob Roper’s Organised Crime Commission is getting closer to uncovering names and details of certain underworld figures, and needs to be dealt with. Meanwhile, a Los Esterhaz Lost MC brother is feeding intel to a rival crew and putting the MC’s crack business at stake.

The mafia, in collaboration, hire the LE Lost brother as an out-of-town hitter, knowing mafia protocol will call for his blood for an unsanctioned hit, tying up loose ends for both groups.

Poor security measures uncovers the Lost’s clan lab, ending in a high-powered weapon shoot-out and hostage rescue, but little information on the mafia’s decision-makers, leaving the big fish swimming for another day.

Episode 2 Act 2

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