The sources we’re drawing on for this game are fairly obvious and well known to all of us, but if you’re keen on a refresher course…

Lethal Weapon is, of course, the greatest buddy cop movie of all time.

But Die Hard may well be the greatest American action movie of all time.

Of course, Miami Vice is easily the most recognizable TV series from the period, but there’s also stuff like 21 Jump Street, Booker, Hardcastle & McCormick, Magnum P.I., Riptide, and Spenser For Hire.

Having said that, I was always partial to this. And, of course, we can’t forget this. And for a look at a modern take on the old genre, this is fucking indispensable.

Back to the cinema, a more recent iteration is Michael Bay’s Bad Boys and it’s sequel, both of which are prett decent. Of course, the first really notable buddy cop movie was 48 Hours, although the less said abut the follow-up, the better. Of course, Eddie Murphy went on the spend some time in Beverly Hills, although return visits were less successful.

Sadly, almost nobody remembers the enjoyable Running Scared. Happily, The Last Boy Scout has transcended its original critical drubbing and is now regarded one of the better late-period examples of the genre.

(Addition; If you are looking for various links to other TV worlds here is a good resource to start with)


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