House Rules and Character Packages


The 80s Cop Package

Characters are built on 200 points. If you take a look in GURPS Action 1, the templates alone are 250 points, but 200 should be plenty for you guys. I recommend taking a look at the templates to get an idea of the spread of skills and what have you that you need for your various archetypes.

All characters should possess the following advantages, disadvantages and skills:

  • Legal Enforcement Powers 5 pts.
  • Duty (SAPD/SCU, 15 or less, Extremely Hazardous) -20 pts.
  • Rank(police, 2 or better) 5 pts/level.
  • Law (Police)
  • Guns (Pistol)
  • Guns (Shotgun)
  • Driving (Automobile)
  • First Aid
  • Criminology or Interrogation or Streetwise
  • Search or Observation
  • Brawling or Boxing or Wrestling or Judo or Karate

That should cover your basic cop skills and abilities.

Cinematic Rules

We’ll be using the following rules adjustments:

  • Influencing Success Rolls (p. B347)
  • Cinematic Knockback (p. B417)
  • Flesh Wounds (p. B417)
  • TV Action Violence (p. B417)
  • Extra Effort in Combat (p. B357)
  • Pretty much all the additional Gun perks and rules in GURPS High-Tech.
  • And most of GURPS Action 2 Chapter 4, in particular the Chase and Simplified Range rules.
  • The extra rules in GURPS Gun Fu we’ll address on a case by case basis; some are overly complicated, some are redundant, and some are too damn silly.

I strongly recommend holding back a few character points to spend in-game.

No Wildcard Skills – I find them way too broad.

A Word on the Setting

San Angelisco is more a state of mind than anything else. It’;s the big city on the west coast: east of the Rockies, west of the Pacific, north of Mexico, and south of Oregon. It’s an amalgamation of Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco, with the firm emphasis on the former. Is it in California? More or less. Don’t think too hard about it.

The same thing goes for the temporal setting. The year is 198X, a useful shorthand for the mid to late ‘80s. 1987 – not coincidentally, the year Lethal Weapon was released – is a good baseline, but don’t get too hung up on the specifics. Once again, it’s a state of mind.

House Rules and Character Packages

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