Badham Flats

Badham Flats is a suburb of San Angelisco built as a “luxurious resort community” for the upper crust of Angelisco society.

However, due to dodgy real estate deals, cash flow problems, and the indictment of key shareholders for money laundering, Badham Flats never opened.

The community is now in disrepair and is home to various gangs and criminals.
The place now resembles are warzone and the criminal element is so numerous and entrenched, The SAPD won’t go anywhere near it.

This allows the criminal residents free reign to indulge their vices. This is the reason it has been dubbed by Angeliscans “the Casablanca of Crime”.

Even though Badham Flats is a community for criminals, where pretty much anything goes, there is a sense of “organised Anarchy”. If one person could be said to be the leader, it would be Donatella Stark. Affectionately nicknamed “Queenie”. Every resident of the Flats is afraid of her and her four personal bodyguards, who she calls her “Angels”.

Badham Flats

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