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Mel Glover
Glover accepting the Citizen’s Council award.

San Angelisco’s latest rising star, Mel Glover, receives crucial community vote of confidence.

Mel Glover (left) was the recipient of this year’s Citizen’s Council award, for his outstanding work in the community of San Angelisco. A Gibson-born-and-raised Angeliscan, Glover has recently

Since beginning his campaign for Mayor, Glover has quickly shot to the top of the popularity polls, winning the support of the large middle and lower income contigent of voters within the city, on his strong platform of revitalising the city’s poorer areas and putting more money back into the community to combat the growing instances of Angeliscans living beneath the poverty line and the sky-rocketing crime rate.

“The people of San Angelisco, all the people, want and need a leader who can be trusted, who can be depended upon to make those tough decisions, be accountable for them, and bring hope back into the hearts and homes of this great city,” stated Glover at the ceremony. “Too long have the people of SA been ignored and forgotten by the usual suspects at the Mayoral Offices, while they pursue projects to their own ends, with no thought to those of you who suffer under the growing problems of this city, brought on by years of irresponsible spending and decision making by previous office-holders. It’s time for the people to take back our city.”

Glover’s rise in popularity is often attributed to his own humble beginnings, born and raised within the low-income suburb of Riggs himself many years ago, his mother a cleaner and his father working two jobs as both a janitor and school bus-driver to support them. Glover overcame these hurdles and excelled in his schoolwork, going on to win a scholarship to Harvard, majoring in law. He became a great proponent of social justice, evidently a chief factor towards his decision to run as a mayoral candidate.

Glover’s campaign assistant states that for the next few weeks, “We will be visiting with representatives of the city’s various communities and delivering several keynote speeches at various events as part of our initiative to reconnect with this city’s voters and get the unadulterated word of what’s happening in our city today.”


Article 4

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