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The Port of San Angelisco was in lockdown today after the entire crew of the “Pegasus Maru” were found dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

By Gary Wexler

The Port of San Angelisco Harbormaster got the shock of his life this morning when he found the body of an unidentified Hispanic male, shot dead on Pier 9, beside the recently docked container ship “Pegasus Maru”.

He immediately called 911 and the SAPD Homicide Division arrived within minutes. Upon inspecting the interior of the ship, Police discovered five more bodies. All Hispanic males, all shot dead.

There have been no reports of anything missing, but the investigation is still ongoing.

SAPD Homicide spokesman, Detective Ted Carter refused to comment, but sources inside the Department claim that all cargo on the ship’s manifest is accounted for, so the motive of the killings is still unclear.

Other sources inside the Department believe it may very well be drug related, as the entire crew of the “Pegasus Maru” were Hispanic and the ship’s log highlighted stop overs in Val Verde and the conflict ravaged Santa Sangre. Both countries have been linked to the cocaine smuggling trade.

The Zodiac will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Article 2

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