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The San Angelisco PD has been left red-faced overnight in the wake of the high-profile murder of Senator Bob Roper while under police protection.

The Zodiac last week obtained information from an anonymous source that Sen. Roper had received death threats recently, with specific information regarding his timetables and families movements. It’s understood that the Police Commissioner Ed Murphy ordered police protection for the Senator, including several patrol cars to be stationed at Roper’s residence, and separate escorts for his wife and children.

The Zodiac has heard reports from nearby residents that the night passed uneventfully until sometime around 6am when an explosion engulfed the Senator’s car in the driveway of his Broadway Ave. home, smashing several neighboring properties windows in the ensuing fireball and causing minor structural damage to the premises, followed by sirens and the arrival of further police and fire units a short time later. One police officer told us on condition of anonymity that the Senator’s car was rigged with some kind of unknown explosive device, killing him and his driver, long-time friend Nick Ross, instantly.

So far no media releases have been forthcoming from the SAPD, but it’s expected that an investigation will be made into the events and the SAPD’s inability to protect identified at-risk persons.


Article 1

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