'80s Cop

Episode 1 Act 1
Meat Is Murder

A simple drug bust leads to murder, and it’s up to Qin, Africa and Whyte to deal the perps some justice. But when the smoke clears from the nightclub shoot out, can the SCU solve a drug smuggling case where the only clue is a freezer pack of steaks ? If they don’t it’s their jobs, but if they do it could be their lives ….in this weeks episode; Meat Is Murder.

Episode 1 Act 2
High Steaks

Barely dodging an assassin’s bullet, the SCU continue to pursue the trail of a drug smuggler through the streets of San Angelisco. From action packed car chases to fiery crashes, the SCU will stop at nothing to collar the criminals. But can even they survive the brutal shoot-out, and bloody carnage of McNamara’s Meats, or will the Mexican cartel make mince meat out of them? Find out in this weeks episode…..High Steaks.

Episode 2 Act 1
Body Blow

Investigating the death of a senator, Arkady, JB, and Whyte go undercover in an illegal street fighting ring. Can the SCU last the distance against both the mafia and the motor cycle gangs, or will they be knocked down for the count…in this weeks episode; Body Blow.

Episode 2 Act 2
On the Ropes

Finally putting pressure on the Senators assassin, JB , Arkady and Whyte follow the trail of corruption to an illegal drug lab. Will the SCU be able to take down the drug crazed, machine gun toting bikers….. or will the fiery confrontation leave them…On the Ropes.

Episode 3 - Part 1
Port of Call: San Angelisco

The SCU are called to the Port of San Angelisco to investigate a multiple homicide in and around a container ship called the “Pegasus Maru”.

The team discovered that the ship sailed out of Morroco to San Angelisco via Latin America, particularly Santa Sangre. There appears to be a crate missing, but it is not listed on the manifest. They also learn the crew members were killed with what looked like military precision.

Following a lead from some documents on board the ship, the team investigate a company called Nautilus Shipping, and its CEO, Wilson Stanford. Upon arrival, the team caught Wilson trying to flee and promptly arrested him. He had tried to burn all of his company’s documents but one item survived – a phone number. When the team rang the number, it belonged to the Consulate of Santa Sangre.

Santa Sangre is a Latin American nation mired by civil war, where the anti-Communist government is trying quash a rebellion loyal to the previous Communist dictator. The country is also a primary supplier of cocaine.

Forensics reports that the ammunition used in the raid were 9mm and the guns used appeared to be MP5s. The tyre tracks found at the scene most likely belong to SUVs. Also, they recieved an ID from one of the bodies, an Eduardo Miguel who had a Los Eszterhas address and was linked to the Diabolos gang.

The interrogation of Wilson Stanford yields zero results, so the team put him in the lock up overnight with a group of hardcore Mexican gangbangers. He is found dead later on, apparently from hanging. An investigation in to Wilson and Nautilus yields nothing, leading to a suspicion that he may have been a spook.

A stakeout at the Diabolos compound reveals a diplomat from the Consulate of Santa Sangre arguing with the leader of the Diabolos, presumably about a crate of cocaine that had been stolen. A successful tail of the diplomat lead back to the Consulate.

Attending the home of Eduardo Miguel introduces the team to his brother, and current parolee, Ricardo Miguel. He was saddened at the death of his brother and only knew he was involved in a big smuggling operation paid for by the Ortega Cartel. Upon investigating Eduardo’s home, they discover he was last called from a Russian bar in Vineland called the “Borscht Belt”.

The team investigate the Russian bar and end up in a fist fight with the owner of the bar, Magnus Ulianov and his heavies. Drunk and exhausted from having the crap kicked out of them (or being hit by a speeding car door), Magnus and his cronies say uncle and dish the dirt on what they know.

Magnus is a gangster who works low level stuff for the Tarkovsky Bratva. He was contacted by them and informed that a man named “Dmitri” will be staying with him and that he must honour any and all of his requests. “Dmitri” kept talking about a shipment that was due and the night before he was expecting a call that never came. So he took two of Magnus’s men and disappeared.

The team receive a call over the wire that the Diabolos crew have attacked a compound belonging to The VP Playboys. The team arrive at the scene to see bodies from both camps strewn across the ground, bullet holes everywhere. Inside the compound, there are dead VP boys who look like they have been executed with the same military precision as the bodies at the “Pegasus Maru”. There is also some cocaine found at the scene.

When the team ask around, the learn The VP Playboys deal mostly in meth and not cocaine, and they have no idea why the Diabolos crew attacked them.

The team are then approached by a mysterious Russian who says his name is “Ivan Molotov” and is from the Soviet Embassy, investigating possible links between missing cocaine and Santa Sangre. Suspicious, the team follow him and he tries to escape. A chase ensues leading to the team capturing him.

To be continued in “International Relations”.

Episode 3 - Part 2
International Relations

The SCU questioned the mysterious “Ivan Molotov” about his connection to the missing cocaine.
His extensive tattoo work tipped off the team that he may be a lieutanant for the Tarkovsky Bratva. After being interrogated by the team and their new member, David Hyde, “Ivan” more or less confirmed this and his admissions led the team to believe he was the man “Dmitri” who had been staying at the Borscht Belt, and therefore was connected to Eduardo Miguel of the “Pegasus Maru”.

The team also stopped the Diabolos and The VP Playboys from starting a war against each other by convincing their leaders they had been set up by whomever stole the cocaine from the “Pegasus Maru”. Speaking with the Diabolos leader, Jesus Delgado, the team learns the the diplomat who they had seen at the Diabolos compound was the Cultural Attache for the Consulate of Santa Sangre, Ernesto Alvarez.

The identity of Alvarez was also confirmed by one of the Forensic team members back at Callahan Street Station, Sofia. Her family is from the same village in Santa Sangre as Alvarez and revealed to the team that the village had been attacked by Generalissimo Gutierrez because he believed they were harbouring Loyalist Rebels.

Just as the team started to reveal some new information, Captain Jefferson D’Sebel, shut down the investigation. He said he had been visited by an Anthony Lynch, from the State Department who was turning the case over to the FBI in the morning.

At that moment, with the case ripped out from beneath them, the SCU received an anonymous note, asking them to meet at the Gittes Park Observatory for some information on the “Pegasus Maru”.

So the team suited up and went out to the park. There they met Gary Wexler, an investigative journalist for the The Zodiac. He was the one who sent the note.

Wexler was able to fill the team in on a lot of background information on the cocaine smuggling operation. According to the journalist, the CIA had been facilitating cocaine smuggling between Santa Sangre and the Ortega Cartel to help fund the civil war against the Communist rebels. But the KGB were also getting into smuggling to help fund those same rebels. Wexler and the team determine that Anthony Lynch from the State Department may very well be a CIA agent and could be working with the Consulate’s Cultural Attache, Ernesto Alvarez, to steal cocaine destined to fund the government of Santa Sangre and sell it to the KGB to fund the rebels.

Since Ernesto’s village was destroyed by his own government, it is safe to assume he wants revenge. But the motivation of Agent Lynch could very well be only monetary. Due to the rising value of cocaine, he could be playing both sides against the middle for nothing more than a big payday.

Suddenly, Wexler is cut down by gun fire and 5 black clad men with MP5s appear out of the bushes. After a brif gunfight, the team are able to shoot down 2 of the men and blind the other three with the headlights of The White Rabbit. Another soldier is wrestled to the ground and killed by a kick to the head. The last 2 soldier escape in their SUV only for the team to give chase and run them off the road, rendering them unconscious.

Upon returning to the crime scene with back up and the Forensics team, a search of the men and their vehicle proves they are the hit squad from the boat and The VP Playboys compound. They are American. There is no other evidence on them except for a matchbook from The Domestic Hotel. The team know that this hotel has been abandoned for years. They decide to tool up and check it out.

At the Domestic Hotel, the team break up a drug deal where their suspicions were confirmed. Lynch and Alvarez are selling the stolen cocaine to the Russians, who may very well be KGB. Lynch apologises to the Russians for killing Eduardo Miguel, their man on the “Pegasus Maru” as they did not know he was one of theirs. The Russians know that in this game, there are bound to be casualites.

The team wait for the buy to happen and after a brief gunfight and the destruction of the Domestic Hotel via the use of a bulldozer, the team kill almost everyone but arrest an injured Lynch and a cowering Alvarez.


Post Script:

Lynch died later in hospital after being visited by some men in suits. Alvarez was called back to Santa Sangre and summarily executed for treason. The Russians lost a lot of money and didn’t get their coke but otherwise got away unscathed. “Dmitri”/“Ivan” was deported by the FBI.

Gary Wexler was given a full page obituary on the front page (above the fold) of The Zodiac in conjuction with an article about the case of the “Pegasus Maru”.

The civil war in Santa Sangre continues, with no end in sight. The USA and the USSR both officially refuse to send troops or financial aid.

Episode 4 Act 1
Death takes a Holiday

On the biggest holiday in San Angelisco, the SCU seek to stop an arms deal from going down. In the explosive aftermath they discover a terrorist plot to assassinate a middle eastern ambassador, and deal with the ghost of a CIA smuggling operation. Can the SCU survive this St Micheal’s Day? Find out on … Death takes a Holiday.

Episode 4 Act 2
Murder on the Dance Floor

As Africa struts across the dance floor, Books and Arkady duke it out with the army, all in an attempt to save a diplomat from an assassin’s bullet. However can even the SCU navigate the chaos of the St. Micheal’s day parade to catch their man? By land or by sea nothing can stand in the way of JUSTICE …on this weeks episode Murder on the Dance Floor.

Episode 4 Act 3
Sky Hard

Even after the events of Saint Michael’s Day (see Act 1 and 2) the SCU are still ON THE CASE. Fearing for Sheik Kharish abu Faisal safety, the SCU find themselves taking to the skies to thwart the hijacking of his passenger plane. But does a simple government functionary hold the clue to what these terrorists are really after? While Africa, Qin and Hyde face armed extremists, CIA conspiracies and military fighter jets, Arkady faces a specter from his past (ohh ! …and some European mercenaries). Will they be able to overcome the gravity of the situation? In this week’s episode….Sky Hard.

Episode 4 Act 4
Where Eagles Scare

Hyde fights a deadly martial artist. Can he prove brains mightier than brawn?

A battered Arkady versus a fighter jet. Unarmed.

And Books gets a harsh lesson in gravity. And provides a harsher lesson on JUSTICE.

This week the SCU fight tooth and claw to take back a hijacked plane, section by section. But with a captive ambassador smuggling a weapon of mass destruction, can even they triumph against the terrorists. The stakes have never been higher than ….Where Eagles Scare.


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