Frank Wallender

Retired FBI agent who took Arkady Kukorov under his wing.


Special Agent Frank Wallender put the Kukorov family under Witness Protection when Dmitri Kukorov agreed to testify against the Tarkovsky Bratva.

When Dmitri and his wife Anastasia were murdered by the Bratva, their son Arkady Kukorov, the sole witness, survived.

Wallender, feeling guilty for not being able to protect the young boy, sponsered Arkady’s education and eventual enlistment in the military.

Upon his discharge, Arkady expressed a desire to follow in Frank Wallender’s footsteps, so the now retired FBI agent pulled some strings and got Kukorov accepted into the Police Academy.

Wallender is a father figure to Arkady and also uses his Agency contacts to get information to help the young man seek out the killer of his parents. A Bratva hitman known only as “The Wolf”.

Frank Wallender

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