Elizabeth Bowery

Madame and entrepeneur of Lizzie's


Elizabeth Bowery, more affectionately known as “Lizzie” amongst the denizens of San Angelisco, is a high-profile madame and owner of the (in)famous Lizzie’s on De Palma Beach.

Despite her business holdings and acumen, she remains unaffiliated with any of the gangs and organisations of the city, preferring instead to remain seemingly impartial.

In reality, Lizzie has a network of associates and many contacts amongst the factions and gangs, paying handsomely for intel. Through a complex system of communication, this is reported back to her and a select few trusted lieutenants, with no real way of tracing their involvement. Her true business is as an information broker – often selling information to rival clubs, gangs and cartels, keeping them embroiled in an ongoing battle for supremacy and, more importantly, keeping her and Lizzie’s in business for years to come.

Bowery’s sophisticated procedures hint at possible government intelligence and counter-intelligence training, and her suspiciously lacklustre records until a few years ago definitely raises questions about her real origins.

The true extent of her influence and resources is unknown at this time.


Elizabeth Bowery

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