Deputy Mayor Ronald Vizier

The right hand of Mayor Pendelton.


A smooth talker and a consummate political animal. Mr. Vizier is often thinking many moves ahead in the game of politics to obtain his goals.


Ron Vizier came to city wide attention for his strong and effective dedication to duty as a councilman on the City Corruption Watchdog board. In the course of a few short months the board was turned from a toothless entity, to an effective body first turning it’s attention towards organized crime in the crime in the city, and then turning it’s attention to the former corrupt mayoral bureaucracy supporting it. Both actions met great results, the most significant of which was the replacement of the old regime with Mayor Pendelton. Critics however claim that many changes have been mainly cosmetic, and cite that all the effort of the Corruption Watchdog merely lead to a change in which Mafia family was on top, rather than manage to eliminate organized crime in San Angilisco.

Deputy Mayor Ronald Vizier

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