Belinda Stuart

Jimmy Tran's long term girlfriend.


Age: 30
Height 5’7"
Weight: 125 lbs.

Occupation: Trauma surgeon
Education: Medical degree at SA College – internship SAGH


Jimmy and Belinda met at San Angelisco General Hospital where Belinda was doing her internship when he came in presenting with a gunshot wound.

Jimmy’s bad boy attitude and disregard for social propriety attracted her to him, her own background being white upper-clas, and it wasn’t long before they moved in together. Since then, their relationship has gone from strength to strength, despite her objection to his long hours, late nights and frequent battle scars.

Belinda has become the chief trauma surgeon at SAGH and with the associated monetary success, helps Jimmy get through his frequent suspension periods and adventure-seeking jaunts. They bought a modern luxury 2 bedroom house together on the San Angelisco marina, and share it with their cat, Sanchez.

Belinda might hate the state Jimmy ends up in, but she respects the work he does and the effect it has on the streets of SA, and that doesn’t ever stop her worrying about the danger he faces in the line of duty.

Belinda Stuart

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