Arkady Kukorov

Russian immigrant who became a cop when his parents were killed by the Tarkovsky Bratva.

  • Legal Enforcement Powers 5 pts.
  • Duty (SAPD/SCU, 15 or less, Extremely Hazardous) -20 pts.
  • Rank(police, 2 or better) 5 pts/level.
  • Law (Police)
  • Guns (Pistol)
  • Guns (Shotgun)
  • Driving (Automobile)
  • First Aid
  • Criminology or Interrogation or Streetwise
  • Search or Observation
  • Brawling or Boxing or Wrestling or Judo or Karate

Arkady grew up in an atmosphere of lawlessness in the slums of Vladivostok. His father, Dmitri, was a low level enforcer for the Tarkovsky Bratva and was very rarely home. This left his wife Anastasia to raise young Arkady on her own with the weekly stipend afforded her by her absent husband.

Arkady idolised his father. He knew what he did for a living and saw Dmitri as a tough, noble soldier. Whenever his father returned home he always came with money, gifts and advice for the young boy.

When left alone, young Arkady would run wild on the streets, picking fights and running scams, trying to live up to what he thought his father expected of him. The other children tried to steer clear of Arkady, they considered him too dangerous and unpredictable. So Arkady didn’t have many friends, except his mother.

One day, Dmitri returned home and told his wife and son that they needed to pack their bags. They were going on a trip. Without telling them much more than that, Dmitri took his family to the harbour where they boarded a boat. Under cover of night they set sail.

They were on the boat for days without Dmitri saying a word as to why they were there. Eventually, the boat arrived in Hawaii where they were met by men in suits. The Kukorov family spent a few more days in Hawaii where the men in suits questioned Dmitri and Anastasia. Arkady was questioned by a kind man named Frank Wallender who said he was from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Wallender told the young boy that he and his family were going to start a new life in the United States of America, that his father was going to help them put some bad men in prison and in return, they will get to live peacefully in the land of opportunity.

Within the week, the Kukorov family were moving into a house in the San Angelisco suburb of Savalas. A few years passed and Arkady grew older, attended school and got to spend much more time with his father who never really seemed to leave the house except at times when Frank Wallender came by.

One night, when Arkady was twelve years old, he woke to the sounds of screaming. He rushed out of his bedroom to be confronted by a group of men standing over the bloody corpse of his father. His mother was screaming and fighting against a man who was restraining her. There was one man, who was wiping blood from a large knife. From the shadows, Arkady could see a tattoo of a wolf on his hand.

“The Wolf” put the knife away, retrieved a pistol and shot Anastasia dead, silencing her screams. He then ordered his men to find Arkady and kill him, prompting the young man’s escape. Arkady ran and ran, as fast he could, never daring to look back.

“The Wolf” and his men never caught him.

Arkady lived on the streets for the next month, falling back on the skills he learned in Vladivostok until he was arrested and charged for a string of burglaries by officers of The SAPD.

Frank Wallender got word of Arkady’s arrest and pulled some strings to get him released. Wallender felt responsible for Arkady’s parents being killed and took the young man under his wing.

He put Arkday through school and set him up with a nice foster family. Still angry and guilty over the death of his parents, Arkady acted out, getting into trouble almost daily. Wallender had to move him from foster house to foster house until he relented and just let Arkady live with him and his wife Harriet.

Living with Wallender, Arkady managed to calm down a little but was still very angry. He confided in his mentor that he wanted to join the police in order to take down criminals like “The Wolf”, a man he also vowed to one day find and bring to justice. Wallender admired this but warned the boy that he needed to change his behaviour, channel his emotions if he were to walk that path and not end up in prison.

When Arkady turned 18 he enlisted in the Marines where he was trained as a sniper. His love of guns and knives and his penchant for getting into bar fights earned him the nickname “Crazy Ivan”.

When the U.S invaded Grenada, Arkady’s unit was sent in as part of Operation Urgent Fury.
Arkady was discharged from the Marines shortly after his unit returned Stateside.
The reasons for this are known only to him and the USMC. He doesn’t like to talk about it.
Shortly thereafter, Arkady was accepted into the San Angelisco Police Academy where he passed with flying colours.

His track record with The SAPD is marred by his constant disregard for traffic, property and public safety laws. He was reassigned to SWAT as a sniper, to keep him off the streets, but even then, his habit of getting into fights put him up in front of the review board.

Facing another discharge, Arkady was in trouble. But Wallender pulled some strings and found a place for the volatile Russian in The Special Crimes Unit where his talent for destruction just might be of use.

Arkady Kukorov

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