'80s Cop

Episode 5 - Part 2

Escape from Casablanca

With the Mayor’s daughter safely secured, the team make their way to the roof of the High School for extraction.

Inundated with enemies, the team manage to shoot their way to the roof where they set off a smoke grenade to signal the Blue Thunders. While they wait, the team notice a swathe of armed assailants heading toward the school and pouring through its front doors.

As the sun rises above San Angelisco a Blackhawk and Gazelle chopper team fly in over Badham Flats. They hover over the school where the Gazelle is shot at by men on the ground. It fires back with its chain gun. The Blackhawk comes down over the roof, where David Hyde, who has come to back up the team, lowers a winch.

Suddenly, one of the Angels, Micah appears and fires a stinger missile at the Gazelle. The Gazelle is hit and careens toward the Blackhawk. The team are able to react in time with Matt Whyte grabbing the Mayor’s daughter, wrapping them together in a fire hose. David Hyde quickly slides down the winch from the Blackhawk and the entire team are able to dive off the side of the school just as the Gazelle hits the Blackhawk and both choppers come crashing down on to the roof.

Matt Whyte and Emily Pendleton stop short of the ground, the firehouse keeping them airborne, and smack into the side of the school. J.B. Books and David Hyde make a splash down in a lake behind the school while David Angelo and Qin Tran land on the roofs of a couple of vans in the parking lot.

It is in the parking lot that the team successfully rendezvous. With the school on fire, the residents of Badham Flats have scattered in panic. There are numerous vehicles available in the parking lot and team pile in to two HumVees. Looking at the map they know there is an exit they can use to the west. They roll out.

As the HumVees leave the school grounds a third HumVee arrives and throws on its halogen beams. It is the last Angel, Jeremiel behind the wheel with Micah standing up through the sunroof holding an M60. A chase ensues.

The chase ends with Qin Tran and JB Books successfully killing the last two Angels and the team successfully escape the Casablanca of Crime.

Afterward, at San Angelisco City Hall, the team return Emily to her grateful parents. While there, the team are approached by Acting Mayor Vizier who introduce them to the man they have already seen earlier, Marcus Israel. They thank the team for their service to the city and excuse themselves as Vizier has some final duties to perform before he hands the Mayoral powers back over to where they belong.

As the men leave they are seen by the team to enter a Charity Brunch for a group called the Citizens for a Better Tomorrow.



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