'80s Cop

Episode 5 - Part 1

War Games

“Welcome to the Casablanca of Crime.

Ruled over by the warrior queen Donatella Stark. Her gangs patrol the streets of Badham Flats. Her word is law.

When the mayor’s daughter is kidnapped, the SCU must force it’s way onto this criminal fiefdom. But even armed to bare can they fight their way through Stark’s gangland army, and her mysterious henchmen “The Angels”? Find out in this weeks episode ..War Games."

The team are on some rare but well deserved leave when The Captain calls them back to Callahan Street Station.

The Mayor’s daughter, Emily Pendleton, has been kidnapped whilst en route from the University of San Angelisco to her father’s residence at Bernsen House. Due to his grief, the Mayor has turned over all his powers to Deputy Mayor Vizier.

Acting Mayor Vizier and The Captain play the team a video made by the kidnappers showing the torture of Emily Pendleton and a ransom demand for $50 million to be delivered by 9am the following day. This gives the team less than 24 hours to rescue the Mayor’s daughter.

By analysing the video, the team deduce the girl is being held in the gymnasium of the high school in Badham Flats the notorious criminal haven dubbed “the Casablanca of Crime”.

After they get recon information on Badham Flats from the Blue Thunders, the helicopter wing of The SAPD Air Support and learn they are to contact an undercover cop named Simon Quaid once they infiltrate the area, the team are driven by Mayoral motorcade to a warehouse in Riggs where The Captain has established a “tactical cache” for use by The SAPD for emergency situations. Here the team meet Dexter Kneebe, quartermaster du jour. He supplies the team with all the ordinance, munitions and gear they can carry.

When the team reach Air Support HQ at the Lymangood International Airport they rendezvous with Sgt. Frank Murdoch and his Blue Thunders. The team are taken up by a Blackhawk helicopter and transported to Badham Flats.

The Blue Thunders drop the team off at the Fonda Lakes Sports Club to the north of their target, the High School, which will also be the team’s extraction point.

Once they hit the ground the team successfully reach the neighbourhood of the High School without detection. After a brief run in with a couple of armed residents, which did not tip anyone else of to their presence, the entire team complete their rendezvous with undercover cop, Simon Quaid.

Quaid gets the team to a second storey window opposite the school. Here the team listen into a conversation being held between Donatella Stark, the unoffical “Queen” of Badham Flats and a man named Marcus Israel, the CEO of Promised Land Real Estate. From their conversation it appears they know the SCU are coming after Emily Pendleton and seem to expect a lot of damage and blood shed. It looks like their are playing the long game. Couple this with the presence of the Taipan Motorcycle Tong and their enigmatic leader, Wu Hark, and it looks like there is some heavy trouble on the horizon.

The team sneak into the High School by crossing a rope connecting from roof to roof. They are then able to fight their way down to the ground floor to find Emily Pendleton tied to a chair in the gymnasium protected by a group of Tongs and two of Donatella Stark’s retained mercenaries known as her “Angels”; Ariel and Gabriel. A fire fight ensues which, in usual SCU fashion, ends with MANY dead bodies.

So now, with Emily Pendleton secured, all the team need to do is make it to the roof and await extraction. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially when you have an entire community armed with weapons and ready to kill you.

Discover the action packed conclusion next time on 80’s Cop.

To be continued in “Escape from Casablanca”



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