'80s Cop

Episode 3 - Part 2

International Relations

The SCU questioned the mysterious “Ivan Molotov” about his connection to the missing cocaine.
His extensive tattoo work tipped off the team that he may be a lieutanant for the Tarkovsky Bratva. After being interrogated by the team and their new member, David Hyde, “Ivan” more or less confirmed this and his admissions led the team to believe he was the man “Dmitri” who had been staying at the Borscht Belt, and therefore was connected to Eduardo Miguel of the “Pegasus Maru”.

The team also stopped the Diabolos and The VP Playboys from starting a war against each other by convincing their leaders they had been set up by whomever stole the cocaine from the “Pegasus Maru”. Speaking with the Diabolos leader, Jesus Delgado, the team learns the the diplomat who they had seen at the Diabolos compound was the Cultural Attache for the Consulate of Santa Sangre, Ernesto Alvarez.

The identity of Alvarez was also confirmed by one of the Forensic team members back at Callahan Street Station, Sofia. Her family is from the same village in Santa Sangre as Alvarez and revealed to the team that the village had been attacked by Generalissimo Gutierrez because he believed they were harbouring Loyalist Rebels.

Just as the team started to reveal some new information, Captain Jefferson D’Sebel, shut down the investigation. He said he had been visited by an Anthony Lynch, from the State Department who was turning the case over to the FBI in the morning.

At that moment, with the case ripped out from beneath them, the SCU received an anonymous note, asking them to meet at the Gittes Park Observatory for some information on the “Pegasus Maru”.

So the team suited up and went out to the park. There they met Gary Wexler, an investigative journalist for the The Zodiac. He was the one who sent the note.

Wexler was able to fill the team in on a lot of background information on the cocaine smuggling operation. According to the journalist, the CIA had been facilitating cocaine smuggling between Santa Sangre and the Ortega Cartel to help fund the civil war against the Communist rebels. But the KGB were also getting into smuggling to help fund those same rebels. Wexler and the team determine that Anthony Lynch from the State Department may very well be a CIA agent and could be working with the Consulate’s Cultural Attache, Ernesto Alvarez, to steal cocaine destined to fund the government of Santa Sangre and sell it to the KGB to fund the rebels.

Since Ernesto’s village was destroyed by his own government, it is safe to assume he wants revenge. But the motivation of Agent Lynch could very well be only monetary. Due to the rising value of cocaine, he could be playing both sides against the middle for nothing more than a big payday.

Suddenly, Wexler is cut down by gun fire and 5 black clad men with MP5s appear out of the bushes. After a brif gunfight, the team are able to shoot down 2 of the men and blind the other three with the headlights of The White Rabbit. Another soldier is wrestled to the ground and killed by a kick to the head. The last 2 soldier escape in their SUV only for the team to give chase and run them off the road, rendering them unconscious.

Upon returning to the crime scene with back up and the Forensics team, a search of the men and their vehicle proves they are the hit squad from the boat and The VP Playboys compound. They are American. There is no other evidence on them except for a matchbook from The Domestic Hotel. The team know that this hotel has been abandoned for years. They decide to tool up and check it out.

At the Domestic Hotel, the team break up a drug deal where their suspicions were confirmed. Lynch and Alvarez are selling the stolen cocaine to the Russians, who may very well be KGB. Lynch apologises to the Russians for killing Eduardo Miguel, their man on the “Pegasus Maru” as they did not know he was one of theirs. The Russians know that in this game, there are bound to be casualites.

The team wait for the buy to happen and after a brief gunfight and the destruction of the Domestic Hotel via the use of a bulldozer, the team kill almost everyone but arrest an injured Lynch and a cowering Alvarez.


Post Script:

Lynch died later in hospital after being visited by some men in suits. Alvarez was called back to Santa Sangre and summarily executed for treason. The Russians lost a lot of money and didn’t get their coke but otherwise got away unscathed. “Dmitri”/“Ivan” was deported by the FBI.

Gary Wexler was given a full page obituary on the front page (above the fold) of The Zodiac in conjuction with an article about the case of the “Pegasus Maru”.

The civil war in Santa Sangre continues, with no end in sight. The USA and the USSR both officially refuse to send troops or financial aid.



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