'80s Cop

Episode 3 - Part 1

Port of Call: San Angelisco

The SCU are called to the Port of San Angelisco to investigate a multiple homicide in and around a container ship called the “Pegasus Maru”.

The team discovered that the ship sailed out of Morroco to San Angelisco via Latin America, particularly Santa Sangre. There appears to be a crate missing, but it is not listed on the manifest. They also learn the crew members were killed with what looked like military precision.

Following a lead from some documents on board the ship, the team investigate a company called Nautilus Shipping, and its CEO, Wilson Stanford. Upon arrival, the team caught Wilson trying to flee and promptly arrested him. He had tried to burn all of his company’s documents but one item survived – a phone number. When the team rang the number, it belonged to the Consulate of Santa Sangre.

Santa Sangre is a Latin American nation mired by civil war, where the anti-Communist government is trying quash a rebellion loyal to the previous Communist dictator. The country is also a primary supplier of cocaine.

Forensics reports that the ammunition used in the raid were 9mm and the guns used appeared to be MP5s. The tyre tracks found at the scene most likely belong to SUVs. Also, they recieved an ID from one of the bodies, an Eduardo Miguel who had a Los Eszterhas address and was linked to the Diabolos gang.

The interrogation of Wilson Stanford yields zero results, so the team put him in the lock up overnight with a group of hardcore Mexican gangbangers. He is found dead later on, apparently from hanging. An investigation in to Wilson and Nautilus yields nothing, leading to a suspicion that he may have been a spook.

A stakeout at the Diabolos compound reveals a diplomat from the Consulate of Santa Sangre arguing with the leader of the Diabolos, presumably about a crate of cocaine that had been stolen. A successful tail of the diplomat lead back to the Consulate.

Attending the home of Eduardo Miguel introduces the team to his brother, and current parolee, Ricardo Miguel. He was saddened at the death of his brother and only knew he was involved in a big smuggling operation paid for by the Ortega Cartel. Upon investigating Eduardo’s home, they discover he was last called from a Russian bar in Vineland called the “Borscht Belt”.

The team investigate the Russian bar and end up in a fist fight with the owner of the bar, Magnus Ulianov and his heavies. Drunk and exhausted from having the crap kicked out of them (or being hit by a speeding car door), Magnus and his cronies say uncle and dish the dirt on what they know.

Magnus is a gangster who works low level stuff for the Tarkovsky Bratva. He was contacted by them and informed that a man named “Dmitri” will be staying with him and that he must honour any and all of his requests. “Dmitri” kept talking about a shipment that was due and the night before he was expecting a call that never came. So he took two of Magnus’s men and disappeared.

The team receive a call over the wire that the Diabolos crew have attacked a compound belonging to The VP Playboys. The team arrive at the scene to see bodies from both camps strewn across the ground, bullet holes everywhere. Inside the compound, there are dead VP boys who look like they have been executed with the same military precision as the bodies at the “Pegasus Maru”. There is also some cocaine found at the scene.

When the team ask around, the learn The VP Playboys deal mostly in meth and not cocaine, and they have no idea why the Diabolos crew attacked them.

The team are then approached by a mysterious Russian who says his name is “Ivan Molotov” and is from the Soviet Embassy, investigating possible links between missing cocaine and Santa Sangre. Suspicious, the team follow him and he tries to escape. A chase ensues leading to the team capturing him.

To be continued in “International Relations”.


See how I had an issue compacting this into 4 terse sentences.

Episode 3 - Part 1

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